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hi every body,

i wanna know the best useful books talking about these topics:

- Branding and social media.
how brands effect in our behavior, and how we can use social media to make our brands stronger.

- Creativity in Advertising Industry.
The tips that's help you to make your creativity's work standout among others. and how creativity fit withy strategy plan for the brand.

- Viral Marketing and it's power in advertising.

- Copywriting. the tips and the hints to make your copy creative a nd sell.

i'm waiting your help. and the rest of the books coming soon. cause i start create my own Ad library.

Waiting your replys. Thank you

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Creativity in Advertising Industry - Kiss & Sell by Robert Sawyer. He talks about strategy as well as the creative.

Copywriting - The Copy Book, Hey Whipple by Luke Sullivan

I assume you would know the other famous books, therefore I won't even mention them.