student needs help with campaign idea... PLEASE

Hey how you doin' people? I have a question. I have been reading in the forums here that a hot sauce (e.g. Tabasco) is a horrible cliche for a student portfolio. Well my problem is that for one of my classes we were left to choose my own client and I am just stuck on Tabasco. My question is:
If my idea is not showing how hot it is, can I still use Tabasco?
My idea is to show the many tastes of Tabasco.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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why are you stuck on tabasco? pick something UNIQUE and INTERESTING. tabasco is neither. but if you really want to do it go ahead, but realize you can't put it in your book because nobody will take it seriously.

btw. there have been campaigns on how many different varieties/tastes tabasco has so thats not an original direction incase you were wondering.

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absolutely, get over doing Tabasco, it'll just fail you in the end.....try picking a product off your bedside table and do an ad for that.

... its already been done...

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Thanks for the replies. I guess I was stuck on it because... well I don't know. But now I know the error in my ways and I promise I will change. I went in the bathroom today and the first thing I saw was a package of Band-Aids. I think I like this product way better. Thanks for the help.