I read the article... and found e useful and worth debating at length...
Wat say? People...

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"Rather than just slam scam ads, we should focus on creating an environment that encourages account executives to sell ideas, as opposed to merely going back and forth like glorified peons..."

I found this redeeming!

- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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i like this article. it's an intereting POV. i've never had the luxury of having the time to do "scam" ads, we are too busy here pumping out newspaper ads and the like. but i identify with being forced to make pap, and not having anyone even listen to my explanations to why something else might work better. i've even created the idea to show them what i mean, and they won't even look at it. i find doing other things to be satisfying for me, like making art and doing hand silk screening. that's how i validate myself.
(and yes, it's occured to me that maybe all my work is crap, and my logic isn't sound, but i don't really believe that)