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Hi all,

I'm planing on opening a retouching studio and I wanted to ask you how do you retouch your ad's? It's happening in house, do you work with a freelancer or with a studio? Does the photographer cover the retouch area beside taking the photo?
Please tell me how works are made in your country because I want to go big :)



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All of these options are happening. Depends on the job and the budget.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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You are opening a studio and yet you seem to lack the knowledge. As Ivan said... all those options are valid.

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I lack the knowledge because here, in Romania, most of the jobs were done in house until last year when the first retouching studio emerged. I wanted to know what does an AD or CD believe about working with a studio and if he is the one who coordinates the job or leave these to the photographer.
My idea is to start working with photographers rather than agencies but I wanted to know how stuff works for you and if you are willing to work with a studio from another country.


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