Requirements for Ambient media executions for a watch brand

Can anyone help me out with some good and innovative ideas related to ambient media. I require these for one of my clients dealing in high end watches. Ideas to be executed inside malls and multiplexes.

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And, you want this for free? You know we make a living on coming up with such ideas. If we were to give it for free, it would like a baker giving away free bread.

I'm happy to comment or give you a direction, but you can't ask me to do your job for you. Not for free.

Sorry, if I misunderstood you..

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well Ivan I already have some ideas with me. I just wanted to see wht new is going on. I understand your concern and respect your thoughts. I being a new member don't knw about the procedures and codes followed here. Sorry!! my mistake!!!

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hmm... I'm starting to like ivan... hehe :)

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Post your thoughts and see what we think. Or solicit a freelance art director.

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