punching bag for anti-smoking campaign

hi, all.

I'm a communication design student and recently i'm working on a project on anti-smoking. I've come up an idea of making a punching bag that looks like a cigarette, planning to make it an ambient one. the message would be 'fight against cigarette' something like encouraging people to quit smoking. not yet confirmed the exact slogan.

this idea just popped up in my mind today, n i'm wondering if somebody has done such an ambient ad before. i've read through all the achieves here on smoking, cigarette and punching bag. but so far i didn't find one. I hope my idea is new, but before starting to work on my idea, i wanna make sure that i didn't copy other's work unconsciously, cos' i've been a loyal fan of AotW, have read quite a lot ads here.

So if anybody know this idea has been done before, please leave a link here and let me know, so i, go for other directions. thank you very much!!!

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I seem to remember something like this, but can't recall details.

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thanks ivan..><'''

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here in the states they used to run an anti-smoking ad like which kinda ran like this.... guy wakes up, flushes down whole bunch of cigarettes down the toilet, does situps while blowing out lighter, and then punches a bag...i cant seem to recall the details but if i am not mistaken there was also the rocky soundtrack along with it. hope it helps!