There is a general confusion with my classmates regarding the definations and differences of the following in advertising

1 showcards
2 point of purchase
3 pelmets
4 body media

pls reply ASAP

Thanks Thee All


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2. Point of purchase refers to the place where the sale is being made. It usually means anywhere within a shop or supermarket. Usually posters and other below the line materials.

I never heard of the other three, but I can make something up. :)

1. Showcards are used in brainstormings. They are a stack of cards with a random image or word on them. You draw a card from a bucket and try to come up with an idea that is inspired by the stuff on the card. A random card with a phallic symbol or a caricature of the agency CEO usually keeps the spirits high during brainstormings.

2. Pelmets is an abbreviation for Pressure hELMETS. It is a special type of spiritual protective device made of folded paper used by creatives to protect themselves from angry traffic managers, who pressure them to meet deadlines. It is believed that writing long and hard to pronounce marketing jargon and technical lingo words on the pelmets protect the person who wears it from evil deadlines.

4. Body media is a collective term for all types of commercial tattoos and branded piercings including the infamous forehead stamp. The latest trend is to brand internal organs too, but due to low visibility during the person's lifetime limited its use to advertise morgue equipment and the occasional public service organ donation messages.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Greeeeeeeat! Having fun at my expense ? Huh ?
My ass is being skewered by classmates. Downside of being Net Savvy.

p.s. : as for the answers I could have done the same "smartass" :P

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and i have printed your replies... and plan to show it to all the classmates. :)

ppl who already read it rolled on the floor. i believe there are goin to be more members here now.

thanks :D

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Seriously, if you get the answers, let me know!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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OMG! Ivan, you're hillarious!!!


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

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pelmets.. where can i get those. i bet you i can sell a lot of those. can you use it when riding motorcycles too?

Arnold Santillan

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if it gets mass produced they should throw in some multifuntions :D

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