Piyush Panday is reading AotW

Just a note that Piyush Panday is reading AotW and looking at your stuff. Got an email from him today. What an honor!

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we will be honoured if he can spare time for some valuable comments, then i can say i have used him as a industry icon.
Mr. Piyush Pandey we love you, respect you and look at you as a person who has changed the face of indian advertising.
So your responsibility doesnt stop at O&M's gate, but for whole Indian Ad industry.

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hey Mahmood, i strongly agree with you. but its our responsibility to create our own id like piyush pandey. so lets try n beat him n not follow him. lets be trend setters n not d followers.


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Pradeep Shindolkar

Kua pyase ke paas?? A Biiiiiiiiiiiggggggg hallo to Mr. Piyush!

O&M&Piyush&me! Waa!! kya baat hai!!

Hey Ivon, Great efforts. Thanks so much!