lpi. vs. dpi. and ppi.

anyone knows? i do know a bit but i know you guys know it too.


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LPI: Lines Per Inch
VS: ??? (versus, veterinary surgeon)
DPI: Dots Per Inch
PPI: Pixels Per Inch

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lpi is used when talking 'bout halftone vs dpi and ppi; usually its used for newspapers and stuff.

... its already been done...

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so. i was working one time and we send this guy to the supply store to buy some halftone dots.

so when you scan some something input: 300ppi. and when printng it prints at 300lpi. news print 85lpi.
laser print is a continous tone.

Arnold Santillan

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I think most offset film is around 225 LPI. 300dpi is a magic number designers use but its mostly superflous information that isnt transferred to image quality at the press. It makes a difference digitally but nothing really noticeable at traditional format and dimensions.

Also if you're designing at 85lpi for newspapers, go into your settings and adjust dot gain to 25% to compensate for the medium. It will help crisp your work as it stops your halftone dots from expanding through bleeding on the newsprint stock.


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