Looking for ad - From an old Orbit Satellite Magazine - Knights Fighting

This ad appeared sometime between 1989 and 1995... I was in almost every month for a long while..... i started a painting on it a few years ago and then I Moved.. During the move I lost the original I was working from (both originals). A good scan from the ad would help me to finish this.

I already contacted the magazine... they were bought out by another company in 1996 or so and do not have any of the previous magazines.

I have attached a picture of the painting. As you can see it is a long way from being finshed. I have changed it a little, but this is the basic layout of the ad.

I am not doing this for any professional reason.... it is for my house.... It would be awesome to finally finish and mount it on my wall.....

Thanks in advance for any help. I appreciate you reading my delima. In the mean time I guess I will work on my newest project and have archways with a sleeping dragon for my living room..... Hmmm.... ;)