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What kind of advertising we will cal "Successfull" advertising in 2020?


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Wow! What an interesting question. If I knew that I would be the next CPB. But let me try to guess...

I think advertising as we know it will be gone, except for the emerging markets, where hard sell soulless cheap stuff will still be present unfortunately. In the developed world advertising will be more like PR nowadays. Titanium will be the norm. Activation, programmes, content based advertising. No press campaigns and TV campaigns will be used anymore as they will be completely outdated and will generate no reponse from consumers. Agencies will be tigthly integrated with companies. They will be part of product development. It is all going to be about good reputation, and with the speed of information flow thanks to widespread internet consumed through dozens of different channels brands can go down or rise in a matter of days. People working for agencies will have long term contracts to make sure they are part of the brand experience. Technology will be do advanced that every idea can be perfectly executed with very little investment. CG will be a commodity and the ideas will be valued more then today. You will not be able to get away with great execution and a mediocre idea. The ideas will be heavily based on cultural references from the past. Just like we see today Sony Bravia influenced half a dozen followers. But, in the future we will see this happening in a much bigger scale. Advertising will have more respect from people. It will be one of the most important professoions alongside of doctors and lawyers. Creatives will be more seen as communicators, who breathe and live pop culture and social change. It will be much harder to become a well payed creative in the future as today. A handful of people will do much of the work. Globalization will kill or eat up small local agencies. Networks we know today will only be loose holdings of a diverse extemely specialized companies. Creatives will have to be extremely specialized in a narrow field of their profession and will be highly valued if they are good at it. CDs and ECDs may earn the same or less than these specialized people who know their shit better than anybody else.

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Wow you seemed prepared for that question.:)
Ivan my friend i have a point to made too.
I've recently looked at a book named "the fall of advertising the rise of Pr". In my opinion the
future holds the fall of advertising, the fall of pr, and the rise of creative communication.
Although i agree with you with the fact that future needs pure creative geniuses. Ill make a guess
and claim that the ones who will actually come on the surface, will be simple everyday people.
Technology evolves in way that people can do all sorts of things by themselves, i mean look at the
cell phones, ipods etc. They give user a gr8 perpective of usage. You must have seen recently in
Cannes the young creatives film competition, were participants had to create a TVC by using a
CELL Phone, or even take a look at email messages featuring videos,pictures, music etc. And guess what;
all these are made by everyday people who one way or another achive multicultural fitness. It is much
easier you an Indi and me a Greek to laugh with the same thing now than 10 years before... just
imagine what will hapen in the global village in 15 years time!

Above all though, advertising has to prove the claim tha it is the "ART of the Future" and art never falls!

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I have a feeling that many products will be free in the future, and what to sell is the service. Look at how many open source softwares around. This makes me wonder, how advertising will go hand in hand with this situation?

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you mean that i will be able to buy nike shoes for free as long as i am a subscriber at Niketown for example!

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maybe you can even have them to clean your shoes when you flash your member card :)
after all,... as long as you keep coming back to them, that's the aim right?

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Hmm... I don't know... I intend to retire in 20 years.


Anyway, a few predictions here. Everything you can touch or see becomes a possible venue for advertising. Print advertising will NOT die out, just as how books still stay when there's internet.

Digital advertising will take up majority of the ad world. With GPRS/3G/5G/WiFi networks all over, it's possible to push 20 second ads to consumers by offering free content.

Gaming grounds will be more and more utilised... games like Doom X will have Coke/Pepsi as a health boost and Gatorade as an adrenaline booster (but it makes you stupid for a while).

Blogs, viral podcasts, etc. Nothing is sacred anymore.

On the other side, companies will start to seek out opinion leaders more than ever, and pay openly or secretly for these people to endorse their products. It's money well spent vs celebrity endorsements.

Shrinks will earn more and more money as they are pressured by relentless ad spamming. The same shrinks will strike it rich counselling ad creatives who spend inhuman hours trying to perfect their ad, only to be labelled a copycat.

Hmmm... *looks online for a place to buy instant shrink diplomas*

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coke would make me stupid ? NOOOOOOOO......

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nonono... gatorade makes you stupid.

all coke does is to lower your sperm count.

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COOL ! save money on durex... :p

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the futur in NOW ...... next thing will be the end of the world as we know it therefore new concepts will arise and mesmerize the consumer with its own insights
TVC'S WEBSITES and PRESSADS will be holographic 3d interactive images ....WOW imagine the FA woman taking a shower near you with a paradisiac island background

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Just imagine the Lynx (Axe) campaign!

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the main advertisement in 20 years.. I think it will come from the international compagnie that I built...yeah that would propably be it. :)

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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