'I Have An Idea' portfolio night tickets!

best get your tickets before they sell out! Those of y'all in nyc, i'll be seeing you there...



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thanks for the heads up. will be at the nyc event .. whoo

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did ya score a job? got a few leads on my end, but good fun nonetheless.

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Make sure to report back how it was and thanks for the heads up!

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It was quite good in London! the creative directors i've met with were really willing to help. I even heard the word Great 4 times & the word Huge 2 times. And finally i had 3 placement offers. The organization of the event was really good the pizza tasty and the level of the young creatives Quite quite Professional. Looking forwards for next year 2.

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I gotta say it was pretty awesome, laid back, chill, everybody nicely buzzed, excellent feedback, all in all just a totally bitchin' moment.

... its already been done...

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