Hi everyone here!!

Hello, first post here.
Been coming here since day one i started work as an AAD.
i'm puzzled about one thing though: what exactly is Art Direction?
is it about lighting, color used, posture of the model, font type, or...something else?
i'm really not sure where to look.

thanks a bunch.

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Hello there. I understand your confusion. It's a difficult job to explain.
I found this describtion on Miami Ad School website. Hope it helps.
"As an art director you get together with a copywriter, and somehow or the other ideas emerge.
Then you rough out the idea, to visualize how the final piece will appear.
Once the client accepts the rough, you develop the rough to finished ad.
You call in a photographer to shoot the idea. Or maybe you use an illustrator instead.
Decide on the colors. Choose the type and set it on the computer. Send the ad out..."

Portfolio Center describes it as such:
"You don’t write copy, but you do work closely with a writer to create an ad that is as strategically smart as it is beautiful. You don’t shoot photography, but you do choose a photographer whose work best captures your ideas.
You don’t draw pictures, but you do work with illustrators to fuse their talent with your ideas. You don’t direct commercials, but you do work with directors whose skill can bring your vision to life.
In short, you will oversee every detail that impacts the visual presentation of your work - from photography and illustration."

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Besides working out the creative concepts with the copywriter and any other person involved in the ideation, an art director's job is to coordinate several commercial artists including photographers, illustrators, photo retouchers, designers, typographers, etc so the end result looks as he imagined it. It's a managerial position in big part.