HELP please (from all the good ad-brain ppl in here)


I would just like to ask a favour (I guess it is a favour because I will need your time a day!).

I've a brief in my hand which I need to solve and finalize. (I'm an intern by the way). Not the design process but the strategic and copywriting process only.

I don't want anyone to do it for me, as I'm sure I will be capable of doing it myself, and I like the challenge.

But what I would like is some kind of guidance to push me into challenging direction and guide me into the right research way.

I wouldn't like to discuss it here openly, so I thought e-mailing?...

So if anyone of you could help, please let me know and I will email you.


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Why don't you post the brief in very generic terms, without brand names or any details?

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hey Ivan, the reason is because this brief is open to the public, and it is a qualifying brief, and because of that I don't want to discuss it openly. Also because I will need to share my ideas with the person I'm asking for help, as I need a feedback, and that I don't want to risk.

sorry if I sound paranoid, but it is a qualifying brief, and it means a lot to me.

hope that made sense.

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Here's what I normally do:

When i have a brief, I study it real hard, letting all the words and feelings soak in. When you feel your soaked enough, try to to come up with some core words that describe the feeling that needs to be communicated. When you have those words pick one (perhaps the most important) and write it on a big piece of paper and start writing words that have something in common with that word (its called a spidersweb) Those words can have words attached to them, that way you can come up with ideas you probably wouldnt tought of before.

Once you have done that and have some ideas, pick one and put that on a piece of paper. Open up Google, insert that word of words and look for images with interesting visuals. Place those images around the word. Now you got yourself a moodboard or Googleweb.

This is the way I try to brainstorm for ideas, hope I could be of help.

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buy by bye
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thank you Minimum.
But unfortunately it is not jsut copywriting process, as you described I love brainstorming. But the brief I have is not for an ad.

This firstly needs to me a strategic problem solving and then the creative side comes in but only the copy part, but the visuals.

I need help with the strategic part. =)

Thank you though!

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What Minimum said also applies to developing a strategy, setting a tone of voice for the product or service. It's the big idea that stands behind ads. Find a human truth, the emotions.

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email me with what you need, and I'll share with you what I can

Nick DeJesus

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