help from you great people

i wanna help for you all people is that
i m workin in ad agency i get many ads to do but the problem is
i m not able to excecuite it properly can anyone brief me regarding my problem
can anyone tell me how to work on a praticular ad

im making an ad on a stationery store
client want to highlight all his products
can any one help me on this because this ad
is to be going to realease on thrusday
they want 3 ads on it

so any one can guide me

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Can you summarize the brief?

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the brief is that
this stationery store sell everthing right from pencil to laptops
the store name is ANUPAM STATIONERIES. They r the no.1 stationery in the suburbs
they need to attract the customers
this is theonly brief given to me
i had think of an headline which is ( from marker to parker)
( from scanner to planner)
( from head phoenes to cell phones )
so can you suggest me if i m going on the right track or weather i going on the wrong way

if you could do something,
you must be something.

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I think this is a good strategy if executed nicely with a visual twist.

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the brief sounds good. My initial thought on reading it was to show the benefit of having all of these products instead of the products themselves. For instance if you copy was like "whatever your style of writing is we have it..." or something like that you'd show each word of the copy in a different style i.e. the word "whatever" in quill pen, the word "your" in typewriter and so on and so forth.