i need a advocacy topic for my thesis campaign for snack brand e.g lays, pringles etc..


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How exactly can we help?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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well there are a lot of interesting topics that i think of using.. do you think my topic would receive ohh and ahhh from my juries?

1st topic> my brand would be flying-v ( a gas station known for its petroleum product *bio-diesel*)
then my advocacy campaign would be about lung cancer awareness and more cleaner environment

2nd topic> my brand would be advan (a local shoe product)
then my advocacy campaign would be like "Run for a cause" or "run for your life"

3rd topic> your suggestion is badly needed..

pls. help me comments and suggestion is always welcome.

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u doing a design course with alot of theory? my advice quit the course, and do a more practical one.

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hahaha! i think me and chubbyangels came from same school. it sucks.
i did a an advocay even for women's month, and it sucked, tho, i passed. haha

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