Fresher: Ad Jargon

Hi, I'm a fresher to advertising, and have these questions:

1. What are CD, CW and AD ?
2. What exactly is 'Concept', and what is 'Execution' ? Are there more such terms, with regard to how you judge an ad?
3. What are 'Virals' and 'Guerillas' exactly? I understand the terms only vaguely.
4. If you're learning this in some school, (I didn't know there existed schools that systematically teach all this, ignorant as I am) what is the course called?

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Hi Windbreaker,

1. CD - Creative Director, CW - Copywriter, AD - Art Director.

2. Concept is the essence of the whole ad. It is the insight on which the whole strategy is based. Based on concept, ideas are brainstormed for the product / service.

Execution is how you carry out the concept. However gr8 the concept, it has to be done well for it to be gr8.

3. Viral is today's electronic equivalent of old-fashioned word of mouth. It's a marketing strategy that involves creating an online message that's novel or entertaining enough to prompt consumers to pass it on to others — spreading the message across the Web like a virus at no cost to the advertiser.
Guerilla is non-traditional media of advertising. Using the ambience (surroundings) as effective communication points for the Target audience.

4. These are all learnt on the job or on ur own. Colleges only give out advertising degrees or design degrees.

Hope I answered all your queries.


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not to discredit college,... some good school would have experienced people in this field to teach students. They share their experiences and experiment new things together. When you look for these schools, find out about their teaching and assessment methods, makes sure they give you enough coverage of hands-on experience, be it design lab or internship, as this is how you can understand the experience of the experienced.

Some people can only get certificates because they can't get the most out of the opportunity to learn a lot.

The thing about learning on your own,.. sometime you think you are good, and there is no one there bothered so much to drive you to the right path, cos there is nothing there in it for them.

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Thank you for your replies, Karthik and stsanto :)

I have one other question: most of the ads that feature here, good as they are, still don't seem to have a running theme of _selling_ something to the user; they are more like displays of creativity. I've never found a single one like this anywhere in any magazine/newspaper here. So, are these not 'mainstream' ads?

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Well, they are selling but not trying it too hard. If you create an emotional conversation with your audience, if he thinks your brand is cool — they will eventually choose your brand over another one. The ads on this site are building long term preference with consumers. They are building brands.

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something called "evangelism marketing"? like what Apple does, Coca Cola, and those big brand who don't have to say "buy our product" but still people will love to have them. I wonder how the small player should start before getting into this position.