Feedback: Remove anonymous commentary

Hiya ivan,

While I think you want to get as much comments as possible, I think that the anonymous posting is getting abused quite a lot these days. Possible to require registration before comments?

Folks for and against, do holler here.


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You can flag any offending comment and I will delete it. Would that work for the time being? I also encourage ppl to register. Not only beacuse other will have more trust in what you say, but also because many features simply don't work without registration. For example did you know that new comments are highlighted when you return to a topic. Saves a lot of time when locating new additions. Also, you can track the conversations that you participated in easily. You can be notified when a certain topic is updated. You can start forum topics. You will be listed as author when contributing any material. You will have only one field in the comment form to fill every time. I can't remember everything, but it's so worth those literally 30 seconds. It's completely safe and your account will work on all Drupal based sites besides AotW. Btw, it works the other way around too. If you registered on for example you can login to AotW as directly instead of registering.

There is however one important thing that makes me feel like stopping anonymous comments. It's the spam. There is just so much of it trying to get in. It kills the server and it needs to be restarted sometimes. This is not right.

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Hahaha no disrespect meant but with all that that you just typed I wonder why you still keep that feature.

Just a quick browse and you'll see a good number of deviant comments, more often than not from anonymous guests.

A registered user makes a fair opinion, another one simply says, "tero, kneel." I don't see how that is constructive.

Also, when responding to a particular comment from a Guest who's made a good point, another Guest says something and we don't know if it's the same voice.

Funniest part is when one guest scolds another guest.


Nonetheless, thanks for taking in the comment. Still love this site, whether those fungi are allowed to breed or not.

Cheers. :)

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There are literally hundreds of spam comments every day. The spam filter is dealing with it, but it puts a big burden on the server. I fully understand why big sites like digg can't allow anonymous comments. It would kill their operation because of all the spam.

My dedicated server sometimes dies down when 200 comments are posted within a minute, because the server has to deal with not only taking the comment, but also checking it against a spam database and instantly delete them. This is quite a big CPU hog.

We will see, but I'd like to keep anonymous comments open as long as possible.

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it's true that anonymous comments are just as legitimate as registered ones.
the same amount of shit is spouted by both anonymous and registered people - which is fine cos shit is subjective.
But why don't you people register?
It's not as if registering affords you any less anonymity than being an anonymous guest, plus you get all the benefits.
And it's really really fulfilling referring to people by their pseudonyms, isn't it whitespace?
You don't know what you're missing, anonymous.

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more than 'guest' yes.

because 'Guest' can be that sorority girl or the security guard downstairs.