Rate my work bhaiyon

dear friends
dear friends thank u for comments on my work
soon i`ll upload some of my new speculative ads
Thanks and regards


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Nice work Buddy...
I really liked the Happydent one

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Nice creatives... i especially liked the Durex one. the execution of Fair & Lovely could have been done better.


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thank u for the comments dear
actually i have gr8 idea for this ad but dont have appropiate pic and not even the camera
but thank u anyway
soon i`ll uplaod some more

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thank u for the comments dear
actually i have gr8 idea for this ad but dont have appropiate pic and not even the camera
but thank u anyway
soon i`ll uplaod some more

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The Durex is by far the best, I would love to see it as some partnership between some save-the-planet organization and Durex 'protecting people together'

... its already been done...

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I like them all except the viagra one.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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there are a few i dont like it but you are good... the one name it happy dent white 4...the idea is good but the art work is incomplete...

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good wrk


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nice work bro, i like the block sun, i think those needs a better art direction.
its ur turn to rate my work ;)
then if u want, open ur gallery there...

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1. good, but you need to recraft your fonts and art directing
2. i almost thing that this is another 'okay, another shiny white tooth ad'.
3.i agree with klausnow..and im waiting..:P
4.great ideas, need a better art directing!
5. sorry been done to death
6.you could be better
7.the link is broken when im opened it
8.i think it's too much.you forced it too far
9. the link is broken when im opened it
10. i love this. and yes, i wish i did that!

sorry for the opinion, but great job buddy!

end of joy, enjoy

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I'll be honest. I think you need to work a lot more on the visuals, half of them don't make any sense. And please work on your grammar, or ask some one to check your lines for you, before uploading them. Otherwise I doubt it can get worse than this.

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I like all of them except all of them.

Rethink, throw a curveball, give us something unexpected... smart without screaming - put your best effort without seeming to strain.


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Mr. Fireman
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Assuming you are a student you have a good future.

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I've one request man. Plz Plz stop commenting on all the ads coming this site to display your link. From your work it is clear that you are not upto the mark for commenting all these.

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the first Hppy dent and the first environment protaction is indeed path breaking.Keep em in your portfolio. I ain't no one to say this,but how do you expect to get into ad creative without a strong base in art or copy.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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ideas are kinda nice. but the artwork is altogether - sorry to say - just horrible. besides, is there a special reason to use times new roman as fonts every single time?

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Are you a student?

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You certainly surf too much on this site.
Take a pen and a sheet of paper, go outside, look at the sky and let your imagination go...
Your work is good but take a few step back and ask if you did not see somthg like this before... This is not only a question of visual but the whole idea of your work.
This is a job where you're lucky to be paid for imagining all day long, you should do this instead of imagining others work in another way.
Nobody said good advertising is easy, this is a job before all.

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try another career

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Apparently most everyone who has commented here cares little more than to pat you on the back. Your work might be employable, but not very good right now. With a book like this, expect to find work at a boring shop with boring clients where punny work is king. And shops that employ work of this caliber rarely ever get to boil down an execution as simple as yours, they usually have the client that will add five pounds of shit to a four-pound bag. It a better start than a lot of kids, but you've got a lot of work to do. Study the annuals and come up with fifty ideas before you start to settle on anything.

1) DHL, Santa – The claim is disingenuous and therefore lacks insight. Santa is always on time because he is your parents. Typography lacks discipline or a sense of good design. It's not that bad, but it looks like it was the first font that came up on your machine.

2) Makes Smiles Precious – With extremely rare exception can you find a photograph before you have an idea. Its a pun and a pretty bad one. The one thing it has going for it is a simple, classic layout.

3) Durex – This is for sure one of your nicer pieces, would go well as ambient also, if you wanted to get arrested, haha...

4) Sunblock - I'm sorry, but you can't explain every ad to those who see it (including me), so why the hell does his head have that pattern burnt into it. If it were an attractive woman with the silhouette of two men standing over her, it would make sense, But this doesn't. Also, the layout is boring and unsophisticated.

5) Orbit Sunglasses – Good ambient, not an ad.

6) Viagra Thumb - The piece lacks the sophistication of the Viagra brand, you either need the piece to be really funny or really clever, this won't cut it.

7) Tooth Necklace - Another disingenuous claim, no one would ever damage their appearance (removing a tooth), to improve it (new necklace) in such a small way. I know this is advertising, but you have to make it palatable. No pun intended.

8) Lighthouse - Better than the one before it.

9) Crushed can - Better than the Ego execution, it would be much easier to accept if the execution was on par with the professional work.

10) You're forcing this one, again it lacks sophistication. I need it designed in a way that makes me ignore the fact that she's not saying anything and a hand written font doesn't work.

Best of luck dude.

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please, stop comment on all posts asking people to come here.

your behavior already create a really bad impression about you, as a person.

your work is awfull, and already create a really worst impression about you, as a "ad-man" (you are not one, and maybe never will be).

your behavior and your work say just one think FOR you:
get another career!!

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sold ur self man and get a job
dont work asa freelancer

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