Can anyone tell me?

I want to know the difference between the creative directors, art directors and retouchers. I mean, whats the description of the job they are supposed to do. Why cant the art director do the job of a retoucher? Will be awaiting for comments. Thankx!


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CD - manages creatives, gives general direction.
AD - responsible for the look of the ad, may include typography or illustration, but not necessarily, participates in the conceptualization of the ad. AD works for the CD.
Retoucher - responsible to bring out the best in photographs, works for the AD, who guides him on the objective of the retouch job.

Feel free to correct me guys!

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Cant the Art Director do the job of the retoucher?

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Actualy, the Creative´s Job is to come up with the ad campaign. Lets say a brand wants to do a new ad campaign. The comunication strategy think (becuase of the business nature and the target market) what the message should say. The Creative does the master of how the whole campaign is going to be. The art director (with the creative) dos ONLY the visual part of the campaign and the copywriter does the text. This is only theorical, depending the ad agency one person can do all, or there can be one per department or 5 per department.

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Thanks for the answers. But more detailed, what is the job description of each of them? (whole creative department)

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There's plenty of books out there that will answer your question.

Clueless in Advertising by May Lwin and Jim Aitchison is one of them. And they not only give a fairly detailed description of the creative department, but the suits and traffic department as well.

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Many thanks.

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That's definitely the best resource among them.

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