Branding Porn: is it possible?

I first posted this on the exhibition forum, but i guess the dungeon is a better place tot discuss this topic.
Why won't pornsites invest in creative advertising. Have they simply never tried it or don't they need it? Can you treat a porn site as a brand and make a campaign for it, and if you would, for whom should you advertise: the regular visitors or the people who never visited such a Website? I chose Youporn because, besides that it's a pornsite it's got very strong selling propositions. Its the 35th most visited website international and its free.

what if you would want to reach a new audience. You can't use too much nudity in an ad for a well known magazine and if you want to advertise on other porn sites do ads with titties on a tittie site really stand out. shouldn't you use other images to get the attention. In other campaigns, the advertiser tries to be as original and striking as possible.

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Porn is like cigarettes. Advertising it controversial. Some say porn will harm people consuming it and the people around you. I have no idea if this is true or if anybody has done research on it.

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Advertising uses sex to sell. Youporn is sex itself. Do you think it would need advertising???

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I think that you can treat a porn site like any other brand. If you can get more people to go to your site, you can charge more for the advertising on your site and make more money. I'm not saying the world is going to be a better place when you advertise for porn and confront people with porn. I'm just saying that owners of such sites could make more money if they would use more creative advertising.

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This is a great example of a pornsite taking the effort to make a viral campaign. Love it! tell me what you Think.
If you have other examples or information about the subject, feel free to share.

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Advertising for porn is just like advertising for liquor. It is a moral delema. This would be in the case of advertising to a new audience. You must persuade to change morals against the norm...good luck. As for an audience already in that scene it works the same as liquor or anything else. The question is what is better about this site rather than others. Highlight what is good. Its all in the angle you approach it. Sex is already there, what goes with sex to engage the idea, more sex? thats already there, with "meet single women near you" same idea.

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if you want to win awards, you need the film festival--

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the Short-Porn Film Festival

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Porn is an art for an open minded.. And yes, you can brand a porn for an art.. You can brand anything if you want to, it's in you creativity.. You advertise porn for men pleasure..

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