brand book / guidelines

Who does follow, exactly, the brand book (guidelines) of any brand, of any client? Is it really important to build a brand?

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Brand guidelines includes all the applications of visual and sometimes audiovisual of the brand. It starts with a the brand strategy and follows by logo, fonts, colors, stationary, fashion, packaging, livery, etc. Each brand will require different applications.

It is important to have a brand for two main reasons.
1. It helps communicate the message of the brand. For example the little globe in the Ads of the World logo communicates that this is a global community.
2. It helps brand recognition because it appears consistently across different media. In case Ads of the World would do other services beyond the website, each element would help the others to be trusted and recognized.

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You are right Ivan!

But what happen when the agency and the client are so closed mind with the brand guidelines that after a while you cannot see any difference between any campaign or anything that we produce? I used to work with Coca-Cola and Samsung and these companies they are very strict about their brand but at the same time you can see the difference between every campaign.

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I once heard someone say that a brand is like a person. A person can wear the different clothes on different occasions, but they are still the same person, regardless.

A brand, really, is the way a person or an audience thinks about your company or specific product. So what IS important is that you know the direction your client wants to do they want people to feel about the brand. How do they recognize it, with or without the name being there (think Nike swoosh or the coca-cola bottle)

What isn't so important (in my humble opinion) is if you keep with a particular color, or a typeface or a style (illustration vs. photography), but more keep in line with their feel. When you create a new ad for Nike, do they feel like they should just forget about all the excuses why they shouldn't get up at 4:30am and go run those 5 miles? Does your ad make them want to "just do it"?

Brand managers forget sometimes (and sorry to any brand managers reading this) that it's about making people fall in love with your brand, its about developing a preference for your brand over a competitors. If your idea makes the audience fall in love, then you've done exactly what advertising is supposed to do.

Go on, be a maverick. Do things differently; otherwise, is it really creative?