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Hi all,

I was impressed by the last campaign of ACT, specially the excellent ad "Human Ball" for the fight against Aids for Medecin Sans frontière made by the great agency Duvall Guillaume.

I would love to contribute to such campaigns, as we sell dreams to consumers, we also sell lies.

How can we contribute for a World of peace?



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1. Identify a problem.
2. Write a brief.
3. Post it for us.

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Hi All,

I am contacting you regarding a creative idea that could raise awareness of all global issues (poverty, AIDS, climate change...) and to generate high revenue for those living in extreme poverty.
The idea would utilise, currently, wasted revenue and it would be at no cost to anyone. I live in London, UK, and work for the giant poster advertising company.
I am a British, an ex asylum seeker to Britain from Croatia. Due to the life experience I have developed an interest in activism.
I'd like to talk to you about my idea in more details, therefore I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,