There's this small contest which I think will help us all get our creative juices flowing...

The Details are as follows:
First Annual GLOW Literal Literary Postcard Story Contest
Send us a postcard along with a story that relates to POSTCARD. The relationship can be as tangential as you like, so long as there is some clear connection to the subject. It could be fiction or non-fiction and maximum 100 words.
The three winning entries will be published in the GLOW Annual E-Magazine.
Entry Fee: Rs.100(INDIAN)for the first entry, Rs. 50 for each additional entry.
Write your literal postcard story with pictures, graphics or anything that makes it interesting, on an actual postcard (legible and neat handwriting), and post the same. Include a cover letter with your name and the story title(s), as well as your address, phone number and email address.
Entries must be postmarked no later than October 31, 2006.
Questions? email:


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I have to PAY to be included ? wow... you're trying to make good money huh? and for a level of GLOW (which I believe is not a cheapo magazine,.. hopefully), you use free email account (yahhoooooooo....)???

c'mon.. get a life. btw, this is an international site I believe, stop assuming people will send the postcard to India and pay Rs.100 + Rs.5000 for transfer fee... ouch,.. that's just lame.

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i suppose you can understand that the contest helps to get people like you use to understand the importance of writing...and when i've mentioned that please post your comments on the e-mail i hoped you would enquire are there any other ways of sending international postcards....since this is just started we don't have a site or something...I hoped that people from around the world could even scan and mail their postcards...btw, there are a number of ways to communicate...this was just another way...and we hoped that if people don't wish to pay also it would be fine...but only after an priliminary mail of questioning...
I beleive that most people only beleive that whats paid is worth and hence the entry fee...This fee would surely be used only for the uploaind of site (i promise you will see it very soon)... anymore suggestions are welcome.
Thanks. I hope to see your Postcard through e-mail.
All the Best for your learnings

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there is comment box on below of your post,... I guess I didn't misunderstand its purpose. Why would I want to track your email and bother to send email to comment on this one?
And now,.. can you see that your explanation above is more flexible than your first post? why hide those things at first place? Let them know everything for the sake of your integrity :)
by the way... what is GLOW ? any url I can see ? thanks.

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GLOW is Global Langauage Operators'Workshop...its a small organisation of designers from art and advertising field.
These people conduct workshops on subjects like Typography, Typefaces, Design, Advertsing contest(on school and college level)and other such things. Its just started a yearback... as of now they operate just in Mumbai and no URL needed. Butlet me tell you they are planning to grow so contests are being held to create awareness..I thought since AOTW reaches people around the globe it is a good idea to post this competition here.
Thanks...I hope to see your entry soon STSANTO.
Note: Don't misunderstand the name GLOW as to be a Global Organisation it stands for all the people like you and me who do work which is not bound by just one langauge... "Art and Advertising are Global Langauges" agree?
Wish success to you now and always.

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