A message to all creatives - copywriters, art directors, designers, etc…

If you are a creative in the advertising industry, spare some thought for me, I’m the guy that’s responsible for everyone’s timesheets. I’m misunderstood. I send polite reminder emails and what to do I get in return? Creatives making websites like this:

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Too funny!! :D

As a CD I must protest. I think time sheets are good!

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oohhh how i love those "final warning" emails! very nice thanks. You CDs must hate them too, there is nothing nice about them. Where in a timesheet do you put how long its taken you to actually fill it all in. timesheets, they're a waste of creative time

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let's talk about it... for people who get involved with costing and account, off course it is good because we need to calculate.
but for designers,.. it's just not their character to spend time with paperwork, admin stuff like this. Well... not all, but most of those who I know, and they also have this scientific theory about left brain right brain, design versus admin versus science people, etc. It's just not the lifestyle? Or... the messy desk, caffein and big screen are only stereotype of designers and become mental image for design students?

what say you ?

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its totaly time waste