coke cross

the idea is to showcase the communicating power of coke, a brand that can rule over will.

Credits: Prabir Sarkar (Art Director), Biplob Phukan ( Copy Writer)

coke cross


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Too good.It works....

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Is this idea too good to understand? Prabir can u help me out with this.

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What? How? Why?....

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could've been clearer.

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work more on execution....... the only grave in plain ground....not working

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somendas, if this is your idea of good ads i would never hire u.

what is the idea? drink coke and u die? what is coke's interest in this PSA? or the big idea is that the shadow of the cross is holding the can?

guys, work hard on your ideas before u post. it seems that in a rush to put your work for public display u r actually putting anything. this one is sorry to say...not good.

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