Burger King

different propositions for two special as a special celebration offer and the other as a light snack, very soft with double mayonnaise treat

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etrouth sudhakar
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Good execution in Celebration ad. I like very much.

etrouth sudhakar

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nice work prabir

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What a fr8 piece of thnkng and observation..and that has what lead 2 such a gr8 excecution
Prabir..what do u Do? whre r u from?
i have posted 2 adds one on tobasco another on Sony please see and gv me ur thoughts on it

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i like the first one but type kills it for me, besides that great ad tho. 2nd ad just looking at the visual and copy i dont understand whats going on and it bothers me.

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good art direction. but the second one has been done to death...
again, my favourite word when i reject an gimmicks. why a champaign bottle? then anything could have wrked. celebrating 10 years of maruti and u put the car on champaign bottle?

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YOOOOO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very nice.

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Second one seems bit forced.
but otherwise good work.

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when I saw the first one,... you got the deal.
when I saw the second one,... I pulled out.
Frankly you are creative, but I hate people who use sex theme improperly. Too bad. You think it's funny? Think again!

btw,... perhaps the first one would be better in black background? *just wondering*