BBC SPORT Formula 1 (updated)

Updated with criticism from AdsoftheWorld and a racing forum ;-) Made it shorter, all more 1 style and no more popish music. Tell me your thoughts.

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Music's very slow for such a famously fast sport. Don't recall seeing any actual cars there apart from a safety car. And I disagree with the idea that 'sport is emotion' - they'd call it emotion if it was emotion. They called it sport because it's sport. *Watching* sport though...

The soundtrack set up the whole thing to be disappointing. As a client I wouldn't want to sell something that sounded disappointing.

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It's descend work if you want to be an editor at a TV station, but not if you want to make creative advertising. It all looks kind of professional but I don't think Ivan will ever post it on the frontpage or any advertising jury will select it in a shortlist. There's not much of a creative idea.

The brief is really nice and some really cool things are done for media/sport events. I think you should spend less time on execution and more on the idea.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Alright Martijn, I get it ;p I kinda liked editting the thing but yeah there is not a whole "BOYAAH" idea to it.