What exactly is an "entry level" job?

what are the responsibilities and duties of someone working an entry level job in let's say an advertising agency? Is it much different than an unpaid internship? What is the typical pay for an entry level job? I searched but couldn't find much info on this.


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Ads of the World is international so could you perhaps specify which country you mean?

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This is not a term that has a very specific definition. It can mean junior art director or tea boy.

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sorry jackmancer for not mentioning the country. I am more interested about ad agencies and entry level jobs in the U.S, but my question in general so i'm also interested worldwide.

Let me clarify my question. Basically what i'm asking is do you have more responsibilities and work if you get an entry level job than if you were to intern for free (or paid). I assume if you intern, and most likely you are still a student, the only thing you will be doing is the very basic stuff (touch ups on photoshop for ex), not because you are not capable of doing something more creative but because the agency has "experts" to do the harder work and you are only there to learn and help as an assistant-do the easy job (i don't know for a fact, i just assume). In other words, do they count on you in any way and consider you part of the team? Or are you there to mop the floor once everyone goes home?

Ivan, what is the difference between a junior art director and an art director? Does the junior work WITH the art director in the creative process or FOR the art director (as an assistant/secretary).

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I'm still a student but what I read/hear is:

A junior works with another junior (in most cases, anyway), and senior with another senior. Juniors usually get the smaller jobs until they're experienced/good/old/etc enough to step up and become senior.

I doubt you'll do much photoshopping, even as an intern. There is a difference between creative (art director/copywriter) and a graphic designer. You may use it to make sketches or ideas more clear but you should never be making the final product.

Big agencies don't have time to learn you everything and you should be upto speed quickly, knowing how to make concepts and how to present them and such.

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Entry level job means u are under somebody senior.. who can be your mentor. You will be learning so many on job skill plus earning bucks. You are not treated as a trainee, but will be treated as a thorough profession.

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it bascially means you need to be prepared to eat &#!+ from $#!+#3@%&

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@KBX: oh that was your entry level job.. nice to know that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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