Hepatalgina - Chicken

This is one of three pieces from a campaign for Hepatalgina ( a similar product as ALKA SELZER)

ps: sorry for my english grammatical mistakes.

what do you think? critiques are welcome.



i have changed the line from "we know how you feel" to "we know the feeling"
thanks to HappyHour who gives me one hand in the copy part.

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A feeling everyone can relate to shown through a simple and funny visual. great work.

Maybe change the line to "we know how it feels" or "we know the feeling" to connect more directly to the visual.

If this is your only execution, get to work.. I want to see a campaign from this!

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arroz y asado
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ohhhhh thankz you very much HappyHour, the copy part is really dificult to me, thanks for your tips!

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Looks like your work will be reviewed here:

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arroz y asado
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ivan i have sent you an email :( i have not see your comment ivan (have i lost the reviewed?)

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We reviewed the work 2 days ago. Now, it's behind the paywall of creative-pro. If you couldn't make the webcast we will have the video up soon for free as well.

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you need to learn how to kern your letters and align sentences.

Not sure I get the idea.

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Great! I want to see a campaign from this too!

(me suena conocido el nickname) jajaja