Band Aid. High Heels (3 of 3)

i'm not an art director, just an aspiring CW. but to jackmancer: i think i did "OK" on this one. the tag even cleared the gutter by 1/4". thoughts?

martijn and happyhour: you know i get all belligerent when i get

gobble gobble!

Band Aid. High Heels (3 of 3)

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i love how you're aiming to make bandaids this "brand you grew up with." bandaids patched you up as a toddler, covered your knee graze as a little kid, your cuts as a teenager, your blisters as an adult...really strong idea there. but i think "then and now" doesn't do it justice. work on writing a deeper line that really hits an emotional button in your consumers heart.

and happy turkey day to you too

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