Band AId. Blisters

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Here is a basic brief:

- the concept: band aids are consistently reliable in healing and protecting you from your youth to the present.

Strategy: to build a campaign that is targeted directly to men or women, 18-45, urban, middle class, using iconic images of the same product (from your youth, and in it's c


A) Plain looking disposable razors (past)
B) shiny looking expensive razors (present)

Both iterations of shaving tool gave you cuts from time to time. What did you use to stop the bleeding? Band Aids.

Further side by side examples:
A) old school nintendo controller
B) high tech Bluetooth xbox controller

A) high heels from the 80's
B) high heels you wore last night

Other ideas of the past and present that evoke emotional response:

- soccer cleats, tennis rackets, pencils, golf clubs, beat up snow shovel-shiny new snow shovel, inventive ways you tried to open beer bottles then and now, baseball gloves.

The dog that bit you when you were ten, you dog that jumped up on your house guest and scratched her.

Band Aids. Healing and protecting your life.

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It seems like an ad to razor!!! You are seeing from the wrong end of the telescope! :)

Its very much ambiguous! The visuals of the devices/instruments are more hi-lighting than the picture of ban aid package
I'm excited to know my mistakes!

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good point. the razor one is out.

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much better since you campaigned it out.

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thanks for taking another look-

i think the ski boots work, not so sure about the video game (maybe if i clean up the art a bit). i'm working on the high heels idea at the moment. (i'm also wearing high heels right now :/. jk

my new objective is to not move on until i have a 3 ad print campaign. no more one offs. in case anyone was wondering.
off topic:

as we in the US approach turkey time, i just remembered a film by terrence malick called THE NEW WORLD. it's a unique angle on those early days of america when the euros came across the atlantic by boat in the early 1600's.