The Fun Hotel | Prank at Montemezzi

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Advertised brand: Hotel Montemezzi
Advert title: The Fun Hotel

Headline and copy text:
Hotel Montemezzi in Vigasio, near Verona, Italy, wants to change its approach to clients
transforming your stay into a moment of fun, and involving the public on social networks.
By doing so, the hotel Montemezzi turns into "The Fun Hotel", the first
Italian unconventional hotel.
Last weekend strange characters sneaked within the hotel: a thief, a superhero and two secret
agents. Ready to ambush the clients, for two days they've made jokes suddenly appearing, or
replacing the normal staff. The thief was always ready to steal your bags at the reception and the
superhero to dart between people. On the other hand the agents escorted every single dish at the

Advertising Agency: MagillaGuerrilla, Bologna, Italy
Agency website:
Creative Director: Fabio Antonacci
Copywriter: Francesco Ghigliotti
Illustrator: Massimo Vicentini
Photographer: Daniele Stefanizzi
Director: EleNfant Film
Published: November, 2010