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Lately the critique I've been getting is to lessen the amount of steps it takes to reach realization. But that's only been from one CD. Am I far off with these ads? What is good and what is lacking?

Always open to your comments and suggestions,


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Awesome! Man! You should be some one who got a very gud mentor!
I'm excited to know my mistakes!

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Nice ads:) very clear and realistic :)

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Both are awesome!

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Sorry Leon, I agree with the CD. It's not easy enough to make a connection between the legal pad and fashion (I think of designers using sketchbooks, not legal pads). And with showing the person literally with their "hand on" the photoshop screen, you're basically just showing a literal representation of a figure of speech (hands-on). Maybe the problem is in the copy, because your visuals are awesome (I love the thread one).

Try experimenting with copy ideas other than "hands-on"... Maybe something that says A.I. can offer you a far deeper knowledge and command of graphics/fashion than anyone else. Think simple. Nice work.

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neon leon
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wicked advice, thank you

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Hurm...not sure about first glance I love it and think it's brilliant. The photoshop one especially, since it hilights a beef I have with the industry in general; that Photoshop is not a solution, it's a tool.

But happyHour's right: The loop isn't closing on this somehow. The legal pad comment is 100% bang-on; though the visual is superb, it's not connected to the product. Not knowing anything about fashion design, the first place I go is the mockup mannequin. That's the only thing I know for sure that Fashion Designers use on a daily basis. Maybe there's something there?

All said, I love the "hands-on" approach and wish more art schools would communicate this. It might help stem the tide of lazy designers flooding the job market armed with little more than the phrase "I know Photoshop".

Yes I'm bitter :D


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