Any videos/movies on advertising?

By movie I don't mean an actual movie with a plot etc. but something that I can watch and learn about advertising. Maybe something like a documentary or how advertising works, something behind the scenes of advertising and advertising creation. Either a title of a dvd I can purchase or a link to youtube. Thanks

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There's a documentary called 'Art and Copy' but it's not that great. If I were you I'd read some books.

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There's also a TV series, from Australia, called The Gruen Transfer. It's really good.

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James Bond 'Die Another Day' a.k.a. 'Buy Another Day' is a semi-advertising movie hehe.

Yes Art & Copy is nice but lacks depth.

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"Thirty Something" ....episodic TV drama from the early 90's, i think. i asked a mentor of mine this same question, he said the show is quite good and there is a good deal that can be gleaned about the ad business. i happened to watch the pilot episode last night on Netflix Instant. yep, there's seems to be some good stuff in there.

i happened across a TEDtalks video that was dense. Scroll through iTunes and look for the word advertising. I think it was from June 2009. I'm sure someone here knows the speaker and can be more specific.


Here are two books that I was strongly advised to read:

1) Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture. by Stuart Ewen

2) The Conquest of Cool. by Thomas Frank

Both can be found on Amazon, used, for a few bucks.

Great thread, list keep building this list!