Is Ad School the answer.

I'm an amateur copywriter trying to decide my next move. All insights are appreciated :)


- Are the big ad agencies going through an awkward transition, trying to adapt to the new media environment? Trying to figure out which way is up, who on first? Additionally, is the Great Recession still freezing up hiring of Jr creative's or is everything the same as it ever was?

- For the highly resourceful types, is Ad School / Portfolio School an advisable route to take? I am sitting on a barbed wire fence here, wondering if Miami Ad School is my $60,000 ticket to getting in line to the line where the folks who want to intern wait to see if they get picked? (application due in one week)

- I'm passionate as all heck about concept creation, and I love to learn, and I would love to go to Ad School. But I've been a cinematographer in LA for 6 years, I am heading back to to the east coast (NYC) where my roots lie, and bringing my soon to be fiance with me. Is my book any good? Not great, but I read Olgilvy and Whipple in July and cobbled together some spec print ideas in August. I learn fast, and I have a lot of very smart mentors and elders who know who tell me like it is, and who know how to communicate messages and make people think what you want them to think. So part of me thinks that another year working at this and hitting up contacts in NYC and offering to clean toilets at one of Omnicoms ad shops- might be possible!

- No one has THE answer, but a lot of people on this forum seem to have a good sense of things. I am grateful for any insight you may be able to offer. Many thanks in advance.

Taylor Wigton
DoP, Los Angeles

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We'll have something interesting for you within a few days. ;)

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you're in LA? look at art center in pasadena. talk to the department chair. they will have answers for you.