Internet abuse

Stop internet abuse

Internet abuse


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Jaap Grolleman
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It doesn't do enough to me. Can't really say much about it, cause it's not much you made ;p

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i'm not sure what "internet abuse" is, but i don't think this is it.

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That hardly abuse.

If you want to stick with Facebook, just do a picture of "Inbox (1)" or the New Notification pop up. Or you could do a New E-mail pop up. Etc. Leave the message itself to the imagination. You could have the cursor hovering over the link.

Also, your copy doesn't match up. "Prevent internet abuse" appeals to the person who's going to want to stop the abuse happening, so you should advertise ways of stopping it, like pressing the "Report" feature on a website or emailing a specific email address. Lots of people who are getting bullied don't want to talk about it, so using more provocative copy may be the way forward.

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Internet abuse...EXIST?

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Well yeah..

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