MonteVerde Pens

Looking for feedback on strategy for this one - or any critique really.

MonteVerde Pens


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I think the strategy is pretty basic for this kind of products. It's often about self expression and saying who you really are. The pen you're showing is not a MonteVerde, right? Because, for me, it's not negative to steal a pen. It shows guts and even Sarkozy does it.

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Funny video. Although it looks to me like he asked the guy at the very end if he could take the pen. And who's going to tell him no?

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there is an idea there, but this execution isn't really hitting the sweet spot. lets see more!

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When you have to put text to explain things(connect the concept with the audience) it only means that the idea was not fully visually-conceptualized.

It's easier to criticize than to create.

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I actually want to be a copywriter, so I would rather make ads that require copy. I'm trying to stay away from ads that are fully visual.

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