Are Art Directors better than Copywriters?

Are Art Directors better than Copywriters?


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Jaap Grolleman
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They both have their own function. There is a small overlap in the functions I think but you're comparing apples with pears.

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Better in what way? Better kissers or what? :)

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Jaap Grolleman
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Hehe, didn't look at it in that way.

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nah ...not kissing :-P
but often it is kind of said that art directors are more important as they make the final, visible product and without them there would be nothing!
Also, you often see art directors working alone ... copywriters not so much, maybe radio ... not campaigns as they can't do the ads up themselves.
We all learn to read + write at school ... so art directors can still get by. Using proper design programs etc. is not something everyone knows.
Also, you see more art directors working with other art directors ... do you get copywriters working with other copywriters?


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Copywriters don't just make legible copy to get the message across, they often think of the 'idea' and ways in which it can be displayed. The execution of the visual is left to the art-director.

Some pieces are more art direction heavy some pieces are more 'idea'/copy heavy.

You decide what works best where.

This is what I gather about this world so far. :)

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Anonymous Author
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Yes and no.

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"u often see art directors working alone ... copywriters not so much, maybe radio ... not campaigns as they can't do the ads up themselves"

I disagree. An art director too can't create an ad by himself, he often hires an illustrator or photographer to execute the idea.
You should think of advertising as team work. Sometimes, the emphasis is on the copy, other times on the visual, but every member of the creative team is equally important.

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I'm better in every way. no question about it. unless you ask my writer, of course.

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Roger Keynes
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We tend to team Writers & AD's in Oz.
And both contribute, on both sides.

But if you want to get to the crux...
Ads are about the idea... so, whoever has the idea.

In mosts cases I would suggest the Writer has the idea
and the Art Director completes it visually.

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only on mondays and fridays.

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Two crocodiles were flying. One was green, but the other was flying to Africa.

Copywriter and art-director are working on projects from the different points of view. Art director works with the visual part, in time copywriter works with the verbal part of the project. Both are working with idea, according their abilities. So, on the question: "What’s better fork or spoon? Answer – “Of course the knife :).”

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