AIDS Campaign

This is the Aids campaign . I did this just for new generation people. mostly they are very attach with internet and computer. They facing the common issue is virus in their computer... most of the virus comes from flash drive. and its corrupted all computer programming. these idea I implement ot Aids campaign.. dont play sex with unknown person without taking care...
pls comments these ur good suggestion ... its may help me improve my creativity.

AIDS Campaign


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Nicw concept

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Excellent work.. superb concept !

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Bad metaphor. Do you really think that young people who didn't wanted to use a condom will do it after seeing this? Think of what makes you have safe sex.

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i like this one.

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This doesn't work, imo.

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I like the concept but I thinks the ads does not strong enough such a warning topic like AIDS prevention. In my opinion, it should be visual impact and shock !

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this idea is pretty bad, along with the execution. There is a typo (scanning) and also the idea doesnt make sense. How does one scan a flash drive before plugging it into a computer? Sure you hope it doesnt have a virus but you never really know until your anti virus pops up. Also, the logo should be sized differently or it should be traced.. sorry..

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"It may cause you all system" ?

Concept is empty and your target audience will not relate to it...

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Good concept but bad execution.i think it may be more work.

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Very nice thought. But please try to complete copy in 3-4 words. Cheers !


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