Best Advertising School or university in the world?

Hi, I just finished a bachelor in Business Administration, and discovered that I want to spend the rest of my life doing Ads (focused on the creative aspects). I can travel almost ever where in the world, I am thinking on doing the Art Directos program on Miami Ad School, but I cant find a lot of alternatives to that. I would like to get some advise! Thanks!


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Here is some advice: Don't put off getting a job in advertising to go to "Ad School". You will never learn more than starting at the bottom and working your way up. This business is not like learning how to fix a motor. For example: You can take lessons to learn how to paint - that in its self will not make you a great painter or even an average painter. Only talent will. If you have any talent jump in head first. If you don't have talent then an ad school isn't going to give you that either. You in fact will just have yet another book filled with the same work as every other ad school grad.

If you really want to "spend the rest of your life doing ads" then get a job and start doing it.

Good is the enemy of great.

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This is an unhelpful comment. Going to portfolio school won't automatically make you a superstar creative, but it can help you develop more of your skills. It's honestly not as easy as you make it seem to just "get a job in advertising."

If someone thinks portfolio school is best for them to help them land a job in the career of their dreams, why shoot it down?

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im also interested in what other ad schools are out there. i know of miami ad school and berghs, but what other respectable ad schools are there??

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