"Smoking reduces life expectancy"

Hello everybody !! What do you think about ?

"Smoking reduces life expectancy"

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Leave your comments please !

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Nobody wants to comment ??

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Idea is good but art can be better.

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If the line was 'smoking helps you live longer' the visual would have worked as well, maybe even better. What has a birthday cake to do with death?

Beside, I don't think anybody would stop smoking seeing this, it looks to sweet.

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There is no clear link between the ad and the text.. In fact, when I look at the picture the first that comes to mind is a good flavour, and I even link the cigarettes to making wishes.. This shouldn't be what you want to convey..

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Doni Jono
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i think this ad just want to create awareness for the smokers, and the idea is good.

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Elmārs Ārnieks
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like the idea, agree on slogan with Martijn

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