'World AIDS Day Awareness'

Worldwide, over 40 million people are living with HIV. In the UK alone, this figure rises by more than 7,000 people every year.

World AIDS Day, December 1, is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against AIDS and HIV.

In this regard, Liwa Advertising produced a hard hitting advertisement for Khaleej Times, which showcased AIDS in the form of a simple equation.
Wherein + stands for HIV and - for lives lost due to AIDS. The call to action was to fight the killer virus.

Agency: Liwa Advertising, Dubai

Creative Director: Suhas Rege

Art Director: Vinayak Adate

Copywriter: R S Sunil

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Activity Score 150

at first viewing your ad I had no idea what you mean by +=- until I read your explantion.. maybe you should put the explanaton in your ad?

ivan's picture

Being HIV positive equals loss of life. I get it, but I think this idea would work better on a minimalist layout.

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What i got out of it before i read your explanation was POSITIVE EQUALS NEGATIVE.... i didnt get that the NEGATIVE is supposed to represent the loss of life, i thought it just meant being or feeling NEGATIVE.

By the way, wha is it on a blackboard? Ivan is right, put on a simple balck background unless the ad is targeting students

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justpassingby has a valid point. The danger in using the positive and negative signs is that negative means no HIV infection. So... HIV positive means... HIV negative? Dunno, maybe I'm just being picky.

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Paruku RabidLeroy
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No it's meant to say: HIV positive - it's a negative.

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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i like the idea with play with those elements but I don't see a strong message as a consumer or person that could be affect with HIV. What about o|o + O = + (+ IS a cross meaning go to death...)..just a thought...

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Guilherme Bill Luz
Activity Score 202

or maybe something like 50 + 50 = 30 more people having sex without condon and the population decrease...... Push it more, there is something there!!!

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your concept i think B+= - loss of life ?
good but not so clear ur idia

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Activity Score 139

major art direction problems as all three are of the same color n size so first just looks like 3 math symbols, need to work on that, idea is OK, being clever on hiv+ thingy i dont know if its clever enough, i re'ber a print ad long back for iridium satellite phone service that said "where geography is history" that works perfect coz it digs deep into the brand, dunno if it reaches that level in this ad, still good effort keep diggin up more for the bigger idea ;)

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HIV positives are equal to HIV negatives?
mmm... are you talking about Social Rights?
Maybe you can make your concept clear...

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I got the same message as JosPer. "Positive is Negative". Thought it was some kind of medicine that supresses the virus and allows you a normal life even though you have HIV.

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hey, ur idea is good bt nt coming out with this kind of frame... work on it

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Seeing the ad as it is without the explantion is very confusing. The concept is great though. You could have developed it in to a stronger and simpler communication.

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I like your idea!