Need creative idea!

Hello guys, we have a client they are specializing in luxury rims they want us to design a creative print ad. Cars and girls are outdated and not unique, do you have any creative ideas to reflect the business?

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It doesn't work like this. You need to find a team and provide them with a proper brief. Sorry!

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What is the point of having this forum? I thought this forum for discussion and sharing ideas.

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Yes. Share your idea, your thoughts, your strategy. Then discuss if it's doable.

You don't come in here asking for one. You get the point?

Good luck.

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Hello, slash07, and welcome to the Ads of the World forums.

Alvinpck and Ivan are on point. You are looking for ideas, but I had more questions than answers after reading your topic. I first wondered how you or the company you worked for obtained this client -- whether they were impressed by the work you offer, networking, or whether you did a pitch and they felt what you had to offer is best for them. I then asked myself if it is necessary for us to just throw ideas to you and see whatever sticks or whatever you like, but that would be chaotic.

What exactly is the strategy? I just think that there should be more to helping find a nice idea other than "Ok, guys. I have this client and they want a one-off full page ad. Anyone have any crazy yet intriguing ideas like the ones you see on this site? Fire away!" Besides, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty as well. You know what's boring and what shouldn't be done, but what did you have in mind?