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I want to become an Account Planner but I have got to know that 'real' account planning function does not exist beyond couple of top rated agencies. Is the similar profile of work exists in any other business where similar skill set can be utilised? Freshers from my college (Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication) who interned at various colleges did not manage to get anywhere beyond field research. As our placement season has already begun, we want to be ready. Pls help.


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I think the way is to look at also the clients as they have also huge requirement for skilled people or one might say the skill which a account planner possess.
There is life beyond top 5 ad agencies. Also there are consultants who are lookout for the talent in marketing and research consultancies.
So there is lot of opportunity and SIMC is a huge brand and there will be lot coming your way.
Wish you all the best.

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I would like to know that today the industry is very competitive and our is the top notch institute in Media and Communication. But what we should do constantly learn and hone our skill sets so that we become future ready?

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A good account planner needs to be a good researcher also. Account planning relies on carrying out and making use of effective research. This gives me an understanding of the consumer or customer that we are interested in. It also provides a clear idea of the best way to communicate with them, develop meaningful insights about them and ultimately arrive at the correct positioning for the particular brand that we are trying to market.

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