More sites like adsoftheworld?

do you know about more free sites like adsoftheworld?

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There are many, check out

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yes i checked the links section. there are some good ones but not as adsoftheworld.
i remember a site called adcritic but it's gone now.
adsoftheworld is the only BIG site?

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That's one of my favorite blogs because it gives you a client perspective on issues. And we ALL know where our paychecks come from.
This is a great way to get an insight into world trends, for themes to design your advertisements around.
Another good forum, but not nearly as good as this one.
Just the resources on the right side of the page make it a perfect directory.

Hope these links help!
Just my .02

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Jaap Grolleman
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I've made a list as well, with some descriptions, found on my website, here:

Added some of the above as well, so thanks for sharing.

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