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What is going on here?

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Good is the enemy of great.

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I think the firestorms in Australia have finally enveloped the rest of the world and so we all became poor 'coz all of our properties went up in smoke? Just guessing.

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Don't get it Soz

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Ok, here's an explanation as I understand (though I'm not the one who did this)...

The world here is represented by a crumbs of an indian bread...what we call 'chapati'. It's a staple of the poor in India.

Hope I'm right, Chitra. Though I still can't see how this connects to the line.


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I think; therefore I am

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inspite doing this for poverty for a living planet u can make it poverty in india and put ur more burning area of ur chapati in india now it show that there is no poverty in north in india....

u can take a map of india then i think it will do.....

best wishes.........

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