Heritage Hideaways

A campaign for wildlife tourism. Creative Director and Copy - Devesh Vernekar

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i dont see any idea here. its just a play with visuals and words.

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Hey man, that's what advertising is all case you forgot

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that's what advertising is all about case you forgot

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Agree. And the layout is too downmarket.

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of course, the TG is guys like you.

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dont get disheartened by the 'scammer' comments.
its a good piece of advertising if you have written it for the masses rather than for a jury.
the layout can be improved a bit coz placing images on the layout doesnt work.
all the images in the first one are hanging.

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thanks buddy

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So advertising is about playing with visuals and words is it? Ever heard of the phrase 'The Big Idea'? Geez, dude, who made you a creative person?

I think; therefore I am

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Lol.... I am amazed to find so many members here, who blow their top off, at the sight of the first critical comment. Agreed that one has thought a lot over a concept. But that doesnt mean it should always be praised and never to be analyzed piece by piece and critiqued upon. If you expect only and only praise for your work, then I think seriously, consider another career/hobby/interest. Atleast know that you are in the wrong forum!

Rather than getting riled by the critiques, try to think on them and use them positively.

I have gotten criticized for many of my submissions. I'd rather use it constructively to improve. After all, one can only learn from own/others mistake.

As far as this is concerned, I would say that this might have a potential for a company brochure, but definitely no for print ad.

P.s.: I know you would comment on this the same way. Just try for once to take criticism constructively. You will feel the difference.