Where are the pictures used in advertisements found?

Do people in advertising "google" pictures they use in advertisements? Do they use the websites that offer high resolution images for a cost? What happens if they can't find a picture they are looking for? Do they go and shoot the pictures themselves? For example let's say i wanted a picture of a guy on top of a mountain playing the violin, that's a pretty hard picture to find...what would i have to do in this case (just an example)? I know this is a noob question but i've always wondered that.

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Image libraries is the answer.

For your case, what agency usually do is look for two different images separately; the mountain, and the violin man. And comp them together.

In some other cases, where budget is not a constraint, we shoot it. Either by themselves, or hire a photographer.

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alvinpck covered it well.

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thanks alvinpck. but i have one more question: what are image libraries? are you referring to those sites that have hq images for a dollar or something? And is there a site where i can download images for free?

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