Leadership in a sip


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is it that Bad!!!!! I am new here People at least a welcome notifications, Hope hearing from you soon,

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what is this????????????????


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This is an ad for Training Center in Saudi Arabia / Jeddah, it Represents the easy way of coaching as you drink a sip of nonalcoholic Beer, the bottle was made on 3D max and some make up on PH by me, the idea is to deliver the education of readership as new concept, Thanks SOMS for the value you ad I appreciate it, By the way nice Indian name you have?????!!!!!

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This an Ad made for promoting a coaching center for innovation and leadership (Self Improvement), I jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Idea is introducing the educational ads as modern intellectual Approach, The Image was made by me in 3D max and the concept, it's a humble work I know but we try to build a brand, Thanks SOMS for the contribution by the way nice name!!!!!??

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Why sip? I don't get it.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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